Netizens praise the work of NewJeans stylist – “Perfectly matched”

Although the members of NewJeans still have long dark hair (almost a year since their debut), their style is far from boring. Their stylists take a creative approach to create hairstyles, sometimes using wigs, extensions, and bangs to enhance their look!

This is exactly what many fans dream of – for their idols’ hair to stop being damaged by dyeing and instead use wigs. But not every stylist can effectively utilize the power of a wig like they do for NewJeans.

Recently, for their performance of the song “ASAP” on the show Music Bank, all the members appeared with clip-in bangs.


Although the idols use hair extensions, some see this elegant creation of a unified style for all the members with their help as a combination of the work of a true professional and the beautiful appearance of the members.

This photo of the girls with the caption “All the bangs match perfectly… Seriously, how did you manage to gather these five together?” and the headline “Wow, they can pull off something like this only because they’re NewJeans” appeared on an online community.


The girls are so beautiful that they can probably pull off almost any look, but we are glad that they have stylists who know what they’re doing!

Comments on the forum are filled with compliments for the members and those who help them look so beautiful.


“I love how their stylist uses clip-in bangs and wigs! They look so good.”


“Stylists of other groups should learn from NewJeans stylist on how to use wigs, because the poor hair of these idols is burned and lifeless.”

“They are simply stunning.”

“They are so beautiful and unique.”

“Hein is such a beauty.”

“Minji’s bangs look so natural.”

“I’m not sure if this is their stylist for all their looks, but they have a very successful and creative hairdresser named gabe.sin (account). I assume it could be his work since he’s known for working with wigs. Check out his account. He has done many hairstyles for the girls. I’m just not sure if he only worked on their music videos or also their performances.”

Let’s hope that the stylists continue to creatively use wigs to protect the girls’ hair.

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